i lived in port macquarie for 3 months and i wish i realised how good it was for me before i decided to move back home

and i just really want a job already because all these disability and employment services appointments are really getting me down and i wish i was back in port macquarie already waking up next to you

the curran centre (the psychologist i went to like 6 years ago) just called me up out of the blue twice this morning like????/?? and they left me a voicemail and i don’t want to listen to it because it’s in the middle of 6 other voicemails from the employment place (seriously 6 in one day i am not answering the phone pls stop one is enough) and i don’t want to hear those bc they’ll just be mad at me for not answering my phone



did they call me

unless centrelink or my doctor rang them it’s just rly bizarre because that’s the only places they could have gotten my phone number but in that case why is centrelink getting psychologists to call me without talking to me first????

i’m moving back home at the end of september and although i’m quite sad to be leaving (i know leaving is the best thing for me right now) i’m a little bit excited to have wifi again and see my family and my dogs every day

i’m going to miss living on the coast so, so much though. hopefully i’ll find myself back soon.

as further proof that i 100% don’t have my shit together, i’m moving 8 hours away tomorrow and i forgot to tell like 90% of my family and friends


bye guys

damn i miss neenish tarts